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Keep up the good work students.  Use the resources  of this site to help you keep succeeding.   If you are looking for the link to the video websites. Click on Mr. Hayes's classes and follow the link to your class.


Winter Break Extra Credit Reading Assignment  

Here is the link for the place to blog for your extra credit.  Click here http://mrhayeswinterreading.blogspot.com/2010/12/place-to-put-your-winter-reading.html 


Mr. Hayes's School Calander  

Science Fair Resources  

Follow this link to www.sciencebuddies.org.  Here you will find resources on choosing and completeing your sciecne fair project.  Utilize all of these resources which include a place to contact experts in the field.    It's a one stop guide to being successful at the CMSA Science Fair.

Study Help and Learning Styles  

Below are websites you can use to help you become a better student and identify your learning style.

http://www.studygs.net/ - has a study strategies for many areas from being a genius to struggling to get by.

http://www.lionden.com/learning_styles.htm - Are you a visual, auditory, reading or kinestetic learner

MLA formatting for cited sources  

Use this site to site sources used in your articles or research.   http://honolulu.hawaii.edu/legacylib/mlahcc.html

APA Formatting  

Here at the OWL from Purdue if you scan down you can see how to cite sources using APA Formatting.